Aus Ch. Can Ch. Vanaca's Kool Move N Dude (imp Can)




Date of Birth:  24th May 2011
Breeders: C & K Persson
Owners: Koolmove Siberians

  • Oakley

We are thrilled to introduce..... OAKLEY

He was purchased from Courtney when he was 4 weeks old, we fell in love with both his sire and dam and knew we couldn’t go wrong! Oakley had his tests done for importation and in the mean time he was shown to his Canadian Championship title which really didn’t take him too long at all. Watching him grow on a weekly basis was exciting and he continued to have an amazing lifestyle with his family and loved his litter sister Guess.  We can’t thank Courtney enough for the love and care she continued to give Oakley while he was still with her and her communication and friendship is something we are so grateful for. I know Oakley will do her proud ‘Downunder’.

Oakley arrived in Australia in June 2012 and has fitted in like he’s been here his whole life. We couldn’t be happier with him, he exhibits lovely confirmation, movement , gorgeous head and eye shape and best of all, a wonderful and cheeky personality, we just love this boy! He has sired two litters for us so far and we are thrilled with what we gained from the breedings.

Oakley has been shown and quickly achieved his Australian Championship title, he’s a multiple Best of Breed winner, class in group and Dog Challenge winner at both Sydney and Canberra Royals. He is really starting to mature now and we think the best is yet to come.