Pritam Singh: Workers’ Party disagrees with GST hike, will object to Budget 2022

Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh told Parliament on Monday (Feb 28) that the Workers’ Party (WP) objects to the Budget 2022.

Mr Singh said that the party disagrees with the decision to raise the Goods and Services Tax (GST) “especially at this time”.

Mr Singh said that the hike will come as “inflation is on the upswing and prices are high”.

“Supply chain disruptions are having an outsized impact on people’s purses. There is a real concern on the ground that the announcement to raise the GST will lead to price rises across the board,” he said.

“In fact, some price rises have already occurred with speculation that these were in anticipation of a GST hike, he added, according to a CNA report.

Several netizens have posted photos online of notices from coffee shops announcing impending price hikes.

In a photo shared with the Complaint Singapore group on Facebook, one coffee shop announced that there would be a flat 10-cent price increase for all the drinks it serves and that the price hike was effective Feb 3.

Netizen Andrew Yap who shared the photo wrote: “Just saw this notice at a coffee shop. Not sure the increase will apply to Hawker centres also. Can someone enlighten me. Thanks”.

ICYMI: Coffee shops announce price increases without waiting for GST hike

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The CNA article also reported that Mr Singh said the WP remains of the mind that the Government can continue to grow the reserves, but at a slower rate.

“The impending population bounds for our seniors portends stress lines for our healthcare needs and our welfare system,” he said.

Mr Singh said there is “little doubt” that the GST has been put to good use by the Government to finance spending.

“But after more than two decades, its drawbacks remain,” he added.

“The GST is a regressive tax that hits lower-income earners harder, and this fact has been recognised since the GST was introduced in the early 90s.”

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