Stories you might’ve missed, Apr 6

Woman ignores OTP for unauthorised foodpanda orders, still charged small transactions; filed police report


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A member of the public who experienced unauthorised charges by foodpanda despite ignoring the one-time passwords posted a warning on social media, urging others to monitor their bank statements.

“Most of us may overlook some small payments (few dollars up to S$30 per transaction) in our bank statements as not many would do reconciliation on each and every payment,” wrote a Complaint Singapore Facebook page member on Monday (April 4).

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S’pore couples drive Tesla 700km on autopilot to M’sia, reveals costs & charging points


Photo: TikTok screengrab/sgpikarchu

From walking to using a mini foldable bicycle, members of the public are sharing their mode of transportation to Malaysia as borders reopen fully. One couple in Singapore used the more conventional approach, although they did it on autopilot mode.

“Tesla SR+ can go to Malaysia!” wrote TikTok user @sgpikarchu, posting a video of their recent travels. They cruised through the Causeway on autopilot mode and even exceeded the maximum range of a single charge.

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Man says he doesn’t want to take care of his brother who has autism when his parents pass on, but not everyone understands


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A man posted on the NUS Whispers page on Apr 4, saying he does not want to take over his brother’s care. He explained that his brother is severely autistic and that their parents gave all their time, attention, and money to his brother’s care.

Lately, his parents have hinted that he will need to take responsibility for his sibling when they die.

“That’s when I lost it,” he wrote, adding:

“1. I have my own goals and dreams.

2. I never asked for the burden that is my brother. Both financial and emotional burden.

3. Do not make my bro (parent’s problem), my wife’s and my problem.”

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In Parliament, recap: Jamus Lim asks if readers don’t subscribe to mainstream media due to lack of trust, Josephine Teo says there’s trust, deserve funding from govt


Despite public or private funding support, the recently established not-for-profit SPH Media Trust (SMT) has exercised editorial independence, said Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo.

Mrs Teo said in her Parliament speech on Feb 15 that SMT will be receiving government funding of up to S$180 million annually over the next five years to ensure it can sustain current operations amid its critical transition period.

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Shanmugam says S’pore more advanced than M’sia in empowering women, then draws laughs in the House from sound clip of woman sounding like Doraemon, referring to advice once given to women in Msia


Photos: FB screengrabs L-Azlan Ramli, R- K Shanmugam

A White Paper on Women’s Development was passed unanimously in Parliament on Tuesday (Apr 5). Forty-one MPs participated in the debate, which lasted a total of nine and a half hours.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam discussed the Government’s approach to addressing violence against women in the family context, saying that the authorities will do more to protect women in such situations.

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