When Covid turns to chicken: Woman queues for 2 hrs to get tested, receives roast chicken instead

While queueing is the unofficial pastime of Singaporeans, one must have the correct destination for it to be considered a successful endeavour.

A woman in China reportedly queued for two hours for the wrong thing.

The woman told Lychee News that she went out to get tested for Covid-19 on Mar 11 amid a surge in Covid-19 cases in her area in Hangzhou, China.

She spotted a long queue near a hospital and assumed it was for Covid-19 testing. Her reasoning can’t really be criticised, given the situation.

Photo: Taken from Weibo.com

However, after standing in line for two hours, she ended up in front of a roast chicken stall.

Photo: Taken from Weibo.com

Since she had already spent that much time waiting, the woman decided to purchase two whole chickens to take home.

Members from the Weibo community found the woman’s experience amusing and asked if the chicken was worth the two-hour wait.

Netizens confirmed that the particular stall did sell delicious roast chicken, although it often sees long queues.

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Meanwhile, others wondered if she didn’t smell the roast chicken aroma from the stall, which could have warned her that she was in the wrong line.

Hopefully, this serves as a lesson for others to confirm with someone ahead if the queue is for the right thing./TISG

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